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Hi, I'm Kandice-Lee.

I’m a meal planning and prep coach who helps busy people discover easy weekly meal plans, eat clean, and create a whole week of meals for their families in just one hour a week.

I’m here to help you never wonder, “What’s for dinner?” again.

Ready to get fired-up about food?


Get expert support with meal planning and prep that fits your lifestyle.

Meal Planning

Meal Plans

A full year of meal plans, shopping lists, food swaps, and recipes? Yes, please!



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My Meal Preppers Say...

Kandice made the whole process very simple to follow. The recipe suggestions and variations were really good, too.

I save money by only buying groceries that I need for my meal prep.

~ Sandy E.

Kandice helped with time/efficiency in the kitchen, yet still enjoy my time in the kitchen.

It just gives me more time to do other things that need to get done!

~ Agnes O.

I was skeptical that another meal plan would work for me, but this one is awesome. It’s simple, easy to follow, and we eat the most delicious food.

I’ll never go back. We feel amazing.

~ Jennifer G.

Kandice-Lee in the kitchen chopping vegetables

It got so bad, I couldn't get out of bed...

My meal planning and prep journey started after years of living with crippling migraines that lasted almost the entire month.

After trying almost everything, I started changing my diet to eliminate certain foods and additives.

The cleaner I ate, the better I felt — and the migraines were gone!

Now, I share what I learned: that eating whole, nutritious food will not only nourish your body, but your mind and soul as well!

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